Music Coaching & Services

As a working musician and band leader for 17 years, I have come to understand what is important and what is not when it comes to managing your music. I have lots of information I would love to share with you! All you have to do is Contact Us Now!

Venue Showcases & Marketing Packages

10922735_10205335121078373_6516372963089519823_nLooking for Entertainment for your Venue? There are many different types of acts. The difference with OTB is this, Not only do you get Professional Entertainment – You receive Promotions and Advertisement all month long as well as New Customer Visibility. Drop a line, we will call you for a free consultation. Our Packages are Competitively Priced and every package is customized to meet the needs of your audience, your venue culture and your wallet.

Band Management and Bookings

pexels-photo-167526Need help booking gigs? Are you stuck in a rut and having issues asking for fair payment? Do you wonder why you aren’t being asked to play again? We offer a workshop on the 3 Dynamics of a Successful Working Musician. If you are trying to figure out why you are not making it, Contact me! I might be able to tell you why!


Voice Lessons

cori singingI am Professional Singer/Songwriter with a loud bluesy vocal that stands out in every situation. I can teach you projection, clarity, tone, range control, breathing properly and more. My students usually range from ages 9 to 18 yrs old. But I am always open to helping anyone! Click here to review the available Courses and find one that best suits your needs Contact me to get started right away!



Stage Services

pexels-photo-529930Do you need a sound system? Sound Guy? Lights or a Photographer? Call Me! I have all the equipment and staff you need to have a stage that flows and works well through your whole event. Just leave it to us! Contact me to see if we are available for your event!

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