Elevate Your Perspectives | This Life is Beneath You

My Office View today… I can gaze upon the images that make my world go round! Gifts from loved ones, reminders of my passions, and the comfort of my surroundings.

Ya know what? God is good. No matter the situation, we are blessed to grow where we are planted. When we can look at our lives through the Finished Work of Christ, it can change our perspective.

It’s not about the money, the work, the environment or factors… Although, the the enemy will try to convince you of that! Don’t let this world minimize your vision!

Elevate Your Perspective today! Seek the Truth of your current blessings! Seek Gratitude, Seek Mindfulness of the Lord, Seek His Ways and your soul will be lightened by Freedom in Christ!

God Bless Everyone! If your struggling, remember you’re not the only one and that God has a plan. Praise Jesus!