The Settling In | Small Stuff Gives Comfort in Unsure Times

Super Long Day yesterday… But I finally slept in… Feeling refreshed and able to take a slow day. Ahhhh…. Today marks the wrap of a group of short term and long term goals and I want to make a mark in the sand that I have made it this far!

I have finally hit the decorating stage of moving in to my new place, which is the exciting part! And I can actually see my ideas coming together for this new space. I am working on making this place feel like home, but with new weather, smells, furniture and limited space, it has been exceedingly difficult. I am grateful for the place I am in because I know I am being established in a new place for a new work in the Lord. But everything has been foreign to me here in Cleveland, TN for the last 10 days. I moved here from California where I have been for the last 31 years of my life. I was in Florida before that and that is where I was born. Though I am acclamated to California’s weather and climate, I find the Tennessee humidity and rain strangely redeeming as I watch the Spring rains commence in this Southern State. Today also marks some comfort familiarities for me.  We all depend on these comforts in our lives and most of these things we take for granted. I now have a new appreciation for them. It truly is the smallest things in life that make Life truly matter in the end.

My first goal succeeded was that I have made the epic maiden voyage to the see the grands… driving to my folks house for the very first time was a life fulfilling event. I haven’t lived in the same state as them since I was just 15 years old and I had never driven a car to their house for a visit. Now that I am 46 years old, this everyday event had real meaning and was a substantial goal to meet. It’s nice to know they are just a couple hours away now.

I have also scheduled several visits with Friends and Family and have something to look forward to in the upcoming months! The roots are being built and family and friends are coming to seal the souls of my stead. I couldn’t be happier with the thought of sharing my adventure with all of them. Making new memories and establishing a new lifestyle around this  ew life God has given me. It’s all so inspiring.

Thirdly, I spent time working with Steven, my Father, in the studio. Though it was only for a couple of hours, I felt the music and production again. I sensed the passion that lingers deep inside of me. I saw a glimpse of working with what I love again. Music & Video Production. This work is so close to my heart. Unfortunately, I haven’t worked production since before the accident in 2017. After the spinal injury, my life just hasn’t been the same. But, It was incredibly encouraging to realize that these types of works may remain to be a part of who I am to be in the Lord.

Okay… I got lost in town! I was following navigation, but I knew Google was not sending me home because I actually recognized the streets and area I was in! Getting lost in a new town and finding your way is such a huge accomplishment we take for granted all the time! Especially for me because I am not the most intelligent navigator…  But I got to see Historical Cleveland and parts I hadn’t seen yet. So, it was a small thing, but the adventure helped me grow.
And finally, a huge thing we all take for granted every single day. I  laid down to go to bed and my bed smelled like home. Ya know when you move into a brand new house and everything smells like fresh paint for awhile? I was complaining to a friend just last night that my comfort smell hadn’t shown up yet… You know, that smell your pillows put off when you just want to snuggle up and rest. Well, climbing into bed last  night… I caught the fragrance of comfort. The smell of snuggle, my smell… My home… It lulled me to sleep And I slept better than I have since I arrived 10 days ago.

Amen. A good day indeed to rest. This move was done on a walk of Faith. It’s astounding to ponder all that has come forth by God’s Hands in this incredible opportunity. He has poured me into Tennessee and I am grateful to be blossoming in this sea. I may be dealing with culture shock, but being a woman of Faith, I am not afraid. I want to remind myself daily to remember to appreciate the small stuff. These are the things that keep us grounded and stationary in our lives. These are the things that make us feel like we belong somewhere. When we don’t have these things we forget why we exist. Have Grace for those who don’t have these things… they are most likely wandering souls who are missing out on the things that give us daily comfort. Do not take for granted the little things in life. Thank you Heavenly Father for being so Good to me.