Laughter Admid the Socialistic Medicine Being Spooned with Hope

He woke me suddenly this morning with a heavy heart. I was dreaming so deeply that I woke confused as to my whereabouts. But I had just had a vision and I knew it was telling my future.

This dream explained that Socialism is to be sold to the Americans as well as to the Entire World as a Temporary Fix for the Economy of Man and that it will come in a form of Credit from the Government. That the people will follow this to no end and boast in their new ways of life as being easy and care-free.

Dreaming, I was preparing for a trip. An oversized white yacht was at port and I was going to sea. The Lord put me on a Big Boat that held three-hundred passengers. Its jovial Captain was a stout mid-size senior man who laughed when he talked and bore aged edges from the sea. He told me of great places he had been too all over the world. But that there was a special place he was taking me. He had mentioned three places. Canada, Italy and somewhere else that I can’t remember now that I am awake.

We never made it to Italy, but He planned a surprise for me. We were “running out of time” after I boarded the boat so instead of Italy, he took me to visit a place called the “Stones of Parish” where I swam in waterfalls and frolicked in the sun on a forest bed near a stream. I thoroughly enjoyed this restoring place before returning to the despair of the world.

Isaiah 40:31

But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint”

Then, getting off the boat I laid my feet in a new town. I knew he had not returned me to my old home, but I didn’t care! This new town had cobble streets and white clay walls but there was wide spread technology. I was in the not so future from now. I had family there and felt quite at home. I wanted for nothing. I was blissful from my trip where I had been swept away for a vacation that landed me in my new home. In other words, it all came to me by SURPRISE. I had no plan in this vacations outcome.

All of a sudden, I had been living there for some time now, and I was getting out of my parked car in a small quaint downtown setting where I saw a megatron screen on the street sharing a commercial of the “New Money System” that was for the “Socialistic Buyer”. I thought about the term, the Smart Socialistic Buyer as the commercial announced as though it was a “new norm” and I quivered at the thought of the Freedom we had lost so blindly. It was talking to the member of society that had put their faith in the Government to save them and now live quiet subdued lives while they are lavished with lies that term their slavery as their choice freedom.

As I walked behind my car on the quiet street, I approached my passenger side door. Opening it, I can hear the triumphant clattering of the commercial going on with all it’s rhetoric and hype. I saw myself beating dust from my long beige corduroy pants as I lifted a knee into the door jam. I felt the sun hot on my back as I bent over but the air was light and spring like.

I must have rolled in my sleep, because I was nearing the end of my dream now and knew to pay attention. As I slammed the door to my sports car and walked back around the car to cross the street I looked up at the megatron. Two names appear on the screen as the political team that had sponsored it and I recognized one of the names.

It was the name of a politician who is in office as we speak. God told me this person will be swayed by a devil who is sleeping right before our very eyes and this man’s true ways have not yet been seen. He is not who we think he is. There was another name that I cannot comprehend right now, but I will be asking for clarity. But I know that this team of men will bring a false sense of enlightenment and will seem as a guiding light to the world but sit demons at their table to take, steal and wither the world with a false sense of security.

As I looked away from the sign to cross the street, I was heading toward a small Italian restaurant to visit with a friend. Two men stood at the door chatting with one another as though no one else existed in the whole world. I had to turn sideways and squeeze in between them to push open the large oversized castle-like wooden door that shut the restaurant in. They stood massively tall, extending at least a foot above me. I tried not to interrupt them as I crept into the creaking door. They didn’t seem bothered with my presence at all and one of them broke in laughter as I brushed past him out of the sun and into the low lit eatery.

Just inside the door was the back of child’s car seat propped on a stool. I peered over the top edge and reached down to touch the baby that resided there quietly cooing. As I greeted the man sitting at the table, I said cheerfully, “there’s that baby”. The child look up at me giggling and smiling with Great Hope and Belief in its eyes. As I gazed into its indigo blue eyes I awoke, absolutely focused on the two names from the commercial and the future to come. I know this was a vision. Something is coming.

As I now reconcile the dream with my maker, I noticed little parts of the dream and started to decipher their meanings. The first and most relevant being that before I entered the restaurant I was “dusting” off the dirt from my old town as God instructed the disciples to do when they were in a town of people who could not receive their ministries. Steven Scheffler, my Father and I had just covered this topic about a month ago. I know I was entering a new life, with Hope and Promise as the baby was right inside the heavy doorway.

When I went to sleep praying last night, I asked God to reveal to me my purpose. To put to work in me what I have been waiting for. To establish my direction. To lay waste my sorrows and frustrations so I could be free of that which has been used to confuse me. That I be separated from an entity. And then, I had this dream.

In this new home I find that I am prosperous despite this new world credit system. I must keep trusting God for His direction. Keep seeking His word for Faithfulness and Loving Kindness. Because He is all-knowing and will deliver me from this circumstance and more to come.

This dream was part of three deep manifestations of answers to my prayers last night. My dream, a message of encouragement when we are “Waiting on the Lord” in a Blog and then a social media post, which was a reminder of the TOOL we need in these circumstances. The ONLY THING that will Keep us and Guide us! THE WORD.

I am moving soon, as the world is too about to move in a way we had never hoped to witness. We are to stay vigil to the WORD of God and encourage one another in it. For there will be more waiting on things that we cannot understand but we must BELIEVE for the Word was given to us for these reasons. To Believe in the Unseen.

I also remembered that I had shared the description of Faith by the scripture just before falling asleep last night. I am hearing God speak this morning that my wait with the Word has been long and tedious, but NOT IN VAIN. And that I need to continue to Ask, Seek and Knock and He will continue to ANSWER! Thru His WORD and thru COMMUNION of His BELIEVERS!

I relate to Lorie’s description in her post about being too Bossy, Over Zealous, Pushy, Wordy and Preachy in her post! But Christ was telling me, these are the ways of His Disciples! That we STAND FIRM in What He has Given to Us as a FOUNDATION of Our SALVATION! THE WORD! We are to Boast in HIS WAYS, BEING VICTORIOUS! Because we are always winning when sharing His Ways! And that we simply should not try to understand the evil ways of man for it serves our Flesh and eats away at the Hope we have in Him.

As I ponder the other signs in the dream to understand more of the message I do know this. I have received a manifestation of an answer from My Heavenly God who saw me withering in my extensive wait on Him. He is hearing my cries! He will unveil my enemies so I can see them clearly and speak against their nature that is luring me into a disbelief that I will wait here forever.

God has watered my feet so that they may be restored and I will continue to walk with the WORD as My Staff and He as My Strength. For there is much to be seen on Earth by men that will be given to prove the ways of God is the WAY, the TRUTH & the LIFE.

Thank you Jesus for sending your answers when I asked last night! Praise the Lord!

This post is in part dedication to these two resources. They were the two manifestations that were brought to me immediately after waking up from this dream. I thank Lorie Flinchum and Michael Jakes for writing what was on their heart. My sources are listed below.

If you have some thoughts as to what the following signs meant in my dream, please share in the comments below or email me personally at

  • A large white yacht which holds three hundred passengers
  • A sea worthy but loving Captain who’s favorite thing to do was laugh
  • The place we rested and vacationed at, the “Stones of Parish”
  • The cobblestone and white clay walls of a quiet quaint city.
  • Why Italy and Canada? What was the third place, maybe America because that’s where I was leaving.
  • Who were the two tall men? What they were chatting about and why were they laughing when I entered?
  • The man in the booth I went to visit. His face was hidden from me, but he was loving and kind. A friend.

To all my readers, thanks for keeping in touch as always! I love your feedback and enjoy your company as we traverse this crazy world! God bless!

One thought on “Laughter Admid the Socialistic Medicine Being Spooned with Hope

  1. A lot of things to think about and ask the Lord for wisdom as to what the meaning behind them is. I’m not sure and didn’t sense anything in my spirit as I read it that might be interpretation. But I will certainly keep this in mind. Dreams can be so important to believers. Remember though, to give them plenty of time to unfold. One of the first prophetic dreams I had took nearly 30 years to be completely fulfilled. But each part I saw in the dream God would reveal to me the very moment those parts were fulfilled and explained them to me in detail.

    Bless my daughter Lord God! In the wonderful work and name of Jesus!


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