Idioms of Life Mask Truth | Choosing a Comfort of Blindness

For Those of Us who are Screaming Truths from the Rooftops and being Diminished by the Masses, here’s a bit for the wise…..

God forbid our Conspiracy Theories become TRUTH. Do we have any idea how this too could collapse the population into madness? Do we ponder what would happen if people were suddenly brought into an understanding of what is happening in the Belly of the Beast? Can you imagine how far they would fall into calamity if they knew what horrid ideals they were supporting? If they could see the hearts of the organization for what it was? Or read what the plans were for their demise withheld from them?

The thought of Karen’s all over the world to watch their idols fall for the sins of molesting their own children?

For the Felicia’s to leave only to find themselves in the hands of the Same One World Order Government on the other side of the globe?

For the Trolls to face that their dependency for self esteem was only building their shackles to enslave them forever?

For the Christians to walk blindly into a following of an Anti-Christ masked as a Priesthood?

We are all in this together as a People of God. There will be those who will fight for their blinders and their ways of life because ignoring the TRUTH that is put before them causes them too much Shame and Anguish.

Let us not be the ones to drag them from the darkness abruptly. But instead, let us Arm Ourselves in Cloaks of Love and Patience. Mercy and Forgiveness. Let us stand at the mouth of caves and beckon them with Lights of Peace. Let us be the Way-Makers that lead them into a Promised Land of Hope not Loss.

There is much to be said about the ways of man differing from the ways of God. In order for Mankind to receive all the Glories of God, we must be willing to Surrender our Idioms of Life and Read the Truth of What the Lord has said about this world and all that is in it.

We live in a place that has been given over to evil and wicked ways that disguise themselves to be Good and Righteousness. How we perceive them is all in which Spirit we Host for Translation. Are we filled with Christ or something else.

No matter which path we take in this life, it will fall into the sea. Our Towers will crumble and our ways will falter. We will fail our children’s children and leave a gleaning desperation for generations to come. And all this will come to pass because we have not sought Salvation from the only source that can offer it, Jesus Christ.

Our Father is waiting on our hearts to be fixed on Him and Him alone. The people want their cakes and to eat them too. They don’t want the truth lest it causes them to fall into the darkness they have judged not to be a part of for so long. But when they see that by their ignorance, they have only fed the Beast and it is coming to overtake them and give them silence as a token of it’s gratitude; they will turn their eyes away in ignominy.

For it will bind their tongues and harden their hearts and it will quietly intertwine it’s ways to their ways and the day they wake is the day they will plead for death for they will not believe what they have become.

So do not square off in stubborn anger to share God’s truths for they will be revealed in perfect timing. And do not stand against without being suited in the Armour of God, for these are the ways that will bind your Truth to your walk.

And do not be surprised at the mocking of your flesh while they hold you up as a symbol of deceit. They cannot see their ways are wicked yet. And do not be amazed at the signs of protest you will see them wave with shouts of hatred for these are the ways of the saddened. And do not hold Grace to the Laws of the Lost for they have not found their way, but follow blindly a host of deception.

These are the methods of those who are strengthened by TOKOGAE, instead of the Way, The Truth and the Light who is Christ within those who Believe. Do not allow their paths to disarm your hearts. Do not react in anger or let the sun set upon it.


The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

But instead, stand steadfast knowing who is our True God and knowing the Truth He has brought to us. For when He brings forth the Bridegroom, every knee will bow and every tongue shall confess that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And all will be with sight upon the coming of the Lord.

And we will know the Sacrifice of one covered the lives of many. The Truth will stand as a Cross on the Hill, signifying the conspiracies to be fact and the hopes of the lost to be fallacies. God’s Love will bring us all together in one tent and we shall be the Bride representing His inheritance upon the marriage of mankind and God. And this Union will bring a renewing of the Earth and will cause the chaff to fall away from it’s soil never to be revered again.

So let us dance in the Day of Renewal now even as we go through these trials, for we can see the end is near and we know what’s in store for those of us who Believed. For we know not politician wars or hatred amongst races can separate us from the Lord and all the Blessings He has laid out for us.

We know that our flesh will be torn, but we will not die and our blood will be spilled but we will not die. And we may cry out in pain by lashings of hate, but we will not die. For we will live eternal by the Amazing Grace we were crowned with through our Salvation. And for every step of Grace we walk in, a new flower will spring from the feet of His children and we will walk in His Garden forevermore.