The Lack of Discipline Leads to Privileged Behaviors

When I talk about Freedom in God, it is the complete Opposite of Freedom in Flesh.

Our Neighbors want to give freedom to indulge in the flesh, meaning freedom to do whatever their hearts desire. Is this what we really want for our children?

I do not believe that Life without Discipline is the way to live a Prosperous Life. This would instead be a life of Privilege. But is that how it is defined here on Earth?

Most likely the ones who want freedom to make choices that are offensive to the masses want the right to live freely, but in effect they want the right to live without Discipline. Rules, boundaries and limitations is what gives you security in any society. Why would throwing these discernments of a “good” life be so threatening?

Could it be that half the Nation is rebuking DISCIPLINE? That there fears reside in an oppression from freedom to sin? That their demons are simply keeping them from the one thing that God gave to them Freely?

Grace is the answer right now. But there will come a day, Just as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, where this world will be cleansed once and for all and those who did not stand for the Disciplines of God will cry out.

For in their deceptions they are offering FREEDOM OF CHOICE, FREEDOM OF LOVE, FREEDOM FROM BONDAGE, FREEDOM TO VOTE, AND FREEDOM TO DIE, But they Never Offered FREEDOM FROM SIN to the world. – Corrie Vallance

The Only way to Eternal Life is through Jesus Christ our Saviour. Love thy neighbors by continuing to offer Truth instead of Sin. For all sin is lies and all sin leads to death. And the smell is putrid in the nostrils of the Lord.