Losing Ourselves in the Freedom of Precepts

The Law Sets Us Free

There is an absolute Freedom when it comes to walking with Jesus. In Psalms 119, we see learning God’s ways is what brings the Freedom He gives us. That by God’s Law, we have an absolute way of living that will keep us from strife and build our testimonies.

A lot of times people are confused by the idea of what Gods Law is. The derivative of this word in scripture is teaching or guidance, direction, or instruction. When we observe the Bible and its contents, we find stories and parables all with resolutions that guide our way on how to live our lives here on earth. It is written to show that in all circumstances, when we seek the law of God, or the word, we are given instructions on the direction we should go and given guidance to move that way in confidence.

When we live in the Truth, with eyes and arms wide open to receive whatever the Lord brings our way, we find a bountiful life. One wherein we prosper in not only Spiritual Gifts, but in the secular world as well. Our Father in Heaven truly wishes for us to live comfortable and fruitful lives here on Earth. It is not His desire to tear down the man, rather to Keep Him. When the Lord Keeps us, it is a proverbial description of the constant doting and an unconditional Love He offers. His Provisions that honor His Character within us and long for our peace and quiet understanding. It is in that place, while being Kept by our Father that we can meet our lives head-on with no fear or anxieties for what it will bring. We stand, meaning we move forward confidently, in the Lords ways and His provision.

The Lord’s Provision is Grace

For the Lord, our God is our Provider and His Grace is sufficient. All our needs He anticipates before we do and He has already built our paths before us.

Philippians 4:19
And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

When we surrender our paths for His, His life is manifested in a wonderful way. Our lamps show glimmer of palaces and feasts not yet known to man. And we are seated in Heavenly places with great crowns upon our heads as we cry out the Lord’s praises and rejoice in His reign.


“Hold on to nothing but in everything pray for His precepts and meditate on His Holy Covenant. To Him be the honor in our lives. For when we lose ourselves in Him wholly we are truly planted in the character of God and our life manifests its Redemption.” – Corrie Vallance

Blessed is the man who meditates day and night on the Law of the Lord, for whatever he does, He will prosper. This is a Summarized version of the read from Psalms 1:2-3. It is a perfect description of the Godly man as my Pastor once put it. Thank you for the insight Jeff, it focused my sight.

Psalms 119:45
I will walk about in freedom, for I have sought out your precepts.

There is more hope in one random scripture than all the goals set by man, for if the Lord is not the core of all that is set forth, the results will be failure. We must understand that in our weakness His Grace becomes sufficient.

Freedom Sets Us Apart

As humans, we must fail and try again in different ways; therefore, learning and gaining capacity for the ways that do not work. But as Spiritual Beings, we learn there is only one way, which is God’s way. It may mean we approach each situation with Love, then reproof. Or that we are quiet in prayer before speaking. Or that we hold steadfast to God being first in our lives before making any discernment in our lives.

These Laws, these precepts are not mandated rituals. They are not wholesome rules. They are character guidelines. They are the foundation for our behaviors and our conduct. That we should become a dynamic member of an expected stature by which we are recognized as Believers in Christ.

We are not here to magnify our physical attributes or our scholastic accomplishments. We are here to magnify God’s Gift to Mankind who went by many names, but most frankly, Jesus Christ. Our lives should magnify the gift of Grace that was bestowed through Christ’s death and the resurrection of Life that is offered to all who will Believe in this one world altering event, Judgement Day.


So, let us search for ourselves in Him, not Him in us. Let us lose all self-awareness that we somehow will be reckoned by our personalities and instead be grounded in principalities, regulations of Love, Laws of God, and The Good News. Let us walk each day meditating on the Word of God. For if God is all we look for, He is all we shall see.

He is our everything and We are His. We become invalid in the transaction of our Spirit, for it is not about us and our desires. It is about how much God desires us!

Song of Solomon 7:10
I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.

We see here the relationship no longer factors in the Bride’s desire; she simply gives in to His desire rather than being a factor in the equation. This choice given of Free Will to think of only our God, or the bridegroom instead of ourselves, shows our manifestation of His Love for Us. Because He is within us, the Love is self-inflicted by the Holy Spirit through God Himself. We are simply a recipient of this Glorious Acceptance.

When we find ourselves lost; we are found. Lost in Jesus and our Lord Heavenly Father. Lost to our ways and our definitions. Lost to our analytical reasonings and scholastic studies of how or why. When we lose ourselves and fall in Love with God, He can then pour into us the future He has prepared for each and every one of us.

His ways come with fruitful and elaborate ways that boggle the man who cannot see what God is doing. But these ways will bring about a humility in us, not of boasting but a rejoicing. Our God Saves; plain and simple, but not until we remove ourselves from the equation.

What Happens Without God’s Law?

When God spoke to the people of Sodom & Gomorrah, He was talking of their offerings being burnt and worthless for they were empty of Spiritual Offerings. They had become ritual, so much so that they celebrated such things as the moon and their bodies instead of God! The rituals of the world which involve offerings of incense and appointed feasts. The people had gone astray so far that they had forgotten the ways of God. They had inserted a small part of themselves in each tradition until it had been lost all together. Just tiny little ways over and over through time so that they had completely corrupted the traditions of God’s Law. They had tainted it with ritualistic behaviors rather than true worship and Thanksgiving. Therefore, staining the very worship meetings God had ordained. God said it filled his nostrils with inequities and He had to look away from their prayers!


He beseeches the people to turn from their evil and wickedness. He tells them to cleanse themselves of their burnt offerings and evil ways.

Isaiah 1:16-20
Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow. “Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the LORD , “Though your sins are as scarlet, They will be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They will be like wool. “If you consent and obey, You will eat the best of the land; “But if you refuse and rebel, You will be devoured by the sword.” Truly, the mouth of the LORD has spoken.

When God describes the torment the City of Sodom & Gomorrah will go through, he speaks of many of the things that America is seeing today. In Isaiah 3, we see the curses of all things man is doing today. The Men being ruled by the Young and the Women. The Youth are storming against their Elders. The Women dressing in adornments with seductive eyes leading men down a path that is confusing and empty. The bread and supplies of water being dried up and removed. In Isaiah 1, the scriptures show us God speaking about the whole city being as a withered oak leaf. It speaks to the sustainment of the whole city being weakened and destined for failure.

Do you think this story could be used as a parable to show us where we have failed our precepts with the Lord even now? Have we fallen so much into our own rituals that tradition has been lost? And if so, has God turned his face from our prayers?

Changing Our Perspective of the Law of God

The truth will be told in the fall of mankind, but for the few Believers that live in this Land, there will be Grace. For those who do not rely on their works, God has built refuge in Zion; The city to come forth outside the walls of Sodom & Gomorrah.

But for those who thought so highly of the works of their own fingers, they would be turned from God. Not allowed to be an offering and turned to dust for their transgressions.

Isaiah 2:8
Their land has also been filled with idols; They worship the work of their hands, that which their fingers have made.

Instead of worshipping God for the Promised Land of Zion and a Land of prosperity, they worshipped what they had done in it. Sound familiar? America, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for All. We have become so focused on our own works that we have lost the sight of God’s work in our Land. It is when we turn our eyes from ourselves that we can truly see Him. Because we are not of Him, or of His ways, we cannot expect to see ourselves in His Image, only Him in ours.

Living in the Freedom of the Promised Land


So, let us focus on the Word of the Lord. Let our eyes not be dithered by man’s elaborate scheming and let us simply live in the Divine Ways of God knowing we have nothing to offer but our full attention, praise, worship and hearts. These we can give of ourselves by the Free Will God gave man. All other works fail Him and are a pungent putrefaction in the nostrils of God.

Upon the cleansing of the earth and in the days of Zion, men will lay down their idols of silver and gold and head for the hills of the Lord. Knowing the works of man have become burdensome and confusing to the heart with evil ways.

Isaiah 2:22
Stop regarding man, whose breath of life is in his nostrils; For why should he be esteemed?

But instead, let us focus on the Life of God in which all things are brought to fruition and goodness comes to those who believe. The New Covenant written is such a promise of Life that it is hard to believe one would desire His own works over its Freedom. However, Adamic Nature will be our holding cell if we allow it to be.

Give thanks for the Glorious freedom we have in Jesus! We have been redeemed from the shackles of sin, no longer fitted for the cross, but fit for a throne and seated at the right Hand of God in Christ’s Image. For if our lives are with Him as we surrender ourselves and His Life is our life and His Death, our Death; appropriately His ways should be our ways.