Found Favor | The Cornerstone of Grace

There is much to be said about a strong woman of Faith, and they aren’t always positive remarks. But, thankfully I’ve been spared from an overflowing amount of ridicule in my day. I’m different, I know. But when God forms your earthly stature, He’s got your world in mind and knows just where to put that cornerstone. Luckily, He placed mine in my heart.

Growing up as a pastor’s daughter might have set me on a path to find Jesus, but I like to think it had more to do with Jesus than my own Adamic Nature. This world points people in the opposite way they should go. Thanks to TOKOGAE, (Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil), we find ourselves missing the mark time and time again. The fact that we find Jesus at all is a miracle. For this reason, I’m incredibly grateful for God’s loving hand which reached for me before my fall.

There is a distinct reason why it is necessary we fall to the end of ourselves before we are able to reach for God. Our Adamic Nature tells us our whole lives that we can do it when we simply can’t. The world tells us to try harder and practice makes perfect. So again and again, we reach within ourselves for strength instead of reaching for God. And each and every time we take from the wall this world has built up, we expose a bit more of that cornerstone God placed in our center.

From the very beginning God instills our Faith. He plants a seed and waits to nourish it. When our cornerstone is exposed and we have nothing left to rely on within ourselves, we find His Faith to be the stronghold of our very existence. A cornerstone from which we can rebuild our stature in God rather than our man. Whether it be a mustard seed or a whole tree, it will be enough said the Lord. So in the falling to our knees, we see a moment where God calls the beginning of our Rebirth in Him.

When our Heavenly Father brings us to this place, there is a single quiet instance where you and God see eye to eye. You watch your blindness become sight and for the first time in your life you see your endowed need for Him. You see His Love for you in such an overwhelming way that it envelopes you and shakes off any dust you may left on that one stone you have left of your great walls. And as you sit on that stone, broken and torn, tired from your journey and sweating your pains, you wipe your tearful eyes and look up. Gazing deep into His eyes you see it, the Love, the Hope, the manifestation of God’s Grace in a Found Favor in your Father’s eyes.

When I saw it for the first time I was living in a broken and abusive relationship with a two-year old son I couldn’t provide for. I was young and lost and had come to the end of my rope. God reached into me and touched the cornerstone in my heart that He had placed with tender care in the very beginning. He pointed out that my foundational stone was wrought with Him and that no matter how much I built, the walls would fall if He wasn’t the carpenter of my life. I gave my life to Jesus when I was five years old. I was with Him and He with me, but the joining of the Spirit came when I was twenty and from there He began tearing down what the world had built up, Me.

I am thankfully on the other side of that journey and have watched the Lord transform a willful girl into a strong woman of faith. She is strong yes, but not in herself anymore. Her pride is gone, her stature iss tall and she is not just with God, she is of Him and He of her. The bride has met her groom and her heart is filled with a faithfulness that surpasses any strife the world construes. Her cornerstone supports a house built with Faith, by the Word with Hope in an Everlasting Life. And the best part of it all is that now, not only does she see Favor in His eyes, but God has found Favor in hers.

I am ready for the next chapter. I have so many more questions and have a great eagerness to learn all I can in order to share my experience with others. Jesus saves, we know that without doubt. But the world does not. The Word is our confidence, our strength and Sword. The Good News and the Story of a Man with No Sin, who sacrificed His blood to cover our sin. We need to be able to share this Glory with the world. I believe for some that a guided study of the Scripture in it’s entirety of writings along with an expository teaching can bring new life and meaning to the Glorious Word of God. And with this knowledge we can continue to share the message of Christ and His Gift of Salvation for generations to come. I implore you to consider my mindset and allow me to attend your institution with these intentions. We must all traverse this world together, but hopefully the sum of mankind will choose by free-will to follow the Lord as one Body, one mind. The bride anticipates the coming of the Lord. Let us Rejoice together and be led forth in Peace by Joy! Let us celebrate Jesus as one people, His people, His inheritance, His children.