Eve, the Lost Rib of Adam | The Hope of Mankind

And so I speak to Eve, the ladies, the women. The lost rib of mankind. He is suffering do you not see? What is missing from the world lies in your bosom. The future is there in your eyes. Don’t be so self diminishing, for the sight you use on yourself has become the sight of man. Please, I beg you, be nothing like Man. Instead, be that which you were created to be. Be the half which brings togetherness. Be that which makes you beautiful.

For a long time, I have been preparing my armor. I’ve been building my path as a Christian. Centralizing my walk in Christ. But I’ve been doing it as a man… Not as a woman. The differences are remarkable and it is no wonder I have been fighting to see what my purpose was in this army. I was standing in the wrong tent. I was leading a charge instead of defending. I have seen my most Heavenly Father, I have seen the Glory you have placed on my head. Praise Jesus! Now let’s fight the good fight.

I have had that sense to “Warrior Up”… You too? We feel like there is something about to happen, some strangeness to prepare for battle. Some dread floating around in the midst of our days while we bustle about to get the days done.

God finally spoke to me and said, “yes, you’re finally putting two and two together.”

I am ready, but I must prepare the correct armament for this battle. There is so much hatred in the world today, we must have someone bring Love. Their is so much killing that we must bring a healer and their is so much loss, that we must bring Hope.

Fulfilling the perfect opposite of someone has its advantages! We will always know the other side of the story. God never created Eve to be a warrior, she was built to be a supporter, a lover, a wonder and an accompaniment. A harmony. For what human can stand strong on only one leg, one opposition, one viewpoint?

We, as women, can make or break the symphony of life! Don’t you see how important being a woman is? We are the other side, the manifestation of equality. The hope for wholeness. The portrayer of oneness in redemption with God.

Where there is anger we can give Compassion. Where there is hatred we can give Love. Where there is strength we can give Grace. Where there is boldness we will give Quietness. Where there is success we will give Humility. Where there is loss we will give Hope. Where there is deception we can give Truth. Where there is injury we can give healing. Where there is instability we can give balance.

We were designed to complete the equation in the natural order of things. We were not designed to combat the world, we were created to soothe it. When we give of ourselves to our children, husbands and world in this way, we see the magnification of the Holy Spirit move in our lives. We see holes filled, light in the dark and a path to follow.

Do not be strong. Support those around you with your strength and you will be found as a fountain, a resource of strength for generations to come.

Stay your heart with humility and thoughts of you will be graced with a foundation of people who will stop and listen to hear you speak.

Grasp at truth and no deception will befall your destiny.

Govern with Grace and others will rush to succeed in front of your steps.

Heal with Hope and not one will speak of you bringing injury to their walk.

Spark thoughts and movements in the tribe with your tongue in quietness and you will never be faltered for rash decisions.

We are the life-givers, the wombs of the earth. Let us not join the masses of hate or corruption lest we taint the youth with darkness and doubt of their waiting crowns by God.

Let us be the light, the bride to take in the heathens and return them as angels to this ever dying world so that it can have a sense of peace and rise with the sun in harmony instead of disdainment.

And finally, let us turn the judgements of our elders into praise to our Father who adequately created us to dance and be of Joy. For at this moment, if the whole world truly loved one another as they love themselves, we would be destined to carry self pity and doubt all the days of our lives.

So let us love the world as Christ loved us. Not holding onto the law of man, but the Life of God. And let us be beacons for the world to see how magnificent it could be, where the Joy can be found and where Blind men come to see.

Eve, be Eve before the fall and raise the world with your Shield of Hope, your Words of Love, Your Sword of Wisdom and guide with your Feet of Grace. Dear Lord, in these end times, bring Eve to establish the Love you have for Man and remove the curse of desire. For no man can stand on one leg alone, lest he fall to his side and be burned alive by the fire.

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    1. Thanks! It was a lot of information to absorb and try and put into words! The Lord shared it with me and in an instant I understood, but translating the message proves much more difficult than Understanding it. LOL


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