Eternity is Now | Live as Your King Lives

My prayer for Believers is that they come to see how divine they truly are in Christ and how we are called to live in this place as we live in Heavenly Places.

That we have been given all of our Inherited Right to be at Peace Now. That God’s will in our lives is happening simultaneously with the Holy Spirit and we have no more suffering to go through. That even in our Flesh we have been separated from sin and are no longer carrying the mark of sin; but wear Scarlet Linens and the mark of the Blood of the Lamb.

This is our Present Hope, Our Divine Calling. the Coming of Christ has already prepared our path and we are Seated with Christ at this very moment. We have been given right to the Throne. And as Royalty in Christ, we must live as we are not as we were.

I have had another awakening and all the Knowledge that God has imparted to me through His Divine Holy Spirit has given me Purpose, Sight and Wisdom that I may also impart His Love for you to you.

I pray today that you are bundled up in God’s Joy, Grace and Healing Love He has for each and every one you. I pray today is the day you reach out, take His hand and consent to be led into the place of Jubilee and Rejoicing!

Let all the trees of the fields clap their hands at the coming of Christ for He came and was seated at the right hand of God, then through our Belief has seated us With Him in Heavenly places!

We are now joined with our Shepherd and can never be separated again! Let us Live in the Here and the Now! Let us leave behind the death and sieze the Life that has been seeded within us!

Let us see the Gift of Salvation for what is truly is! Let us Find Peace and Hope Now! We do not need to endure in this world to crush our Spiritual Energy any longer!

We have been Redeemed Believers! Redeemed from the shadows casted! Redeemed from all of our sin! Redeemed by the Blood of Christ!

We are one with Christ as He dwells within us imparting His Holiness, Blamelessness, Righteousness and Power! We hold Him in our hearts as He fills us to make us whole.

His Holy Spirit seeks the Wisdom of the Lord on our behalf as we follow as children our Father’s Light, to run not walk into the Holy of Holies, our Right in Christ!

Let us squeal with excitement over the Joy we have found! What Amazing Grace we have found! We, to be one with Him, to be adorned as a Bride for the Love of Christ that will dwell within us forever. We, a people, a divine inheritance to the Kingdom of God. Shining brightly as stars to His Grace. We are the Jewels in His crown.

Live today as everyday, in Faith, not seeking one another, not seeking tomorrow or remembering yesterday. But being in this moment, this eternity, in the now, forever and ever, Amen.