A Nation Under God | Fake News

I saw a post where a person was sharing their frustration with a “Fake News” story. She had seen a live interview where the wife of a fallen soldier had been asked by a reporter what she hoped her children would remember about their father.

The wife replied along with a few other statements but firstly, “His love for Christ…” When the story was replayed via commercial later in the day to promote the replaying of the interview on the evening news, this line was removed.

Her monologue was insistent that the reporting agency removed this line from the tidbit because of fear that it would offend non-believers in Christ and then they wouldn’t watch the story. And I reckon that this assumption is most likely true. In attempt to keep the report free from religous sway, they kept it out of the commercial until the replay of the actual interview.

She also went on to share that this act of keeping it out of the commercial was proposterious. That this country was founded “Under God” and that this should have been the only line they shared because it was the most important thing the wife said.

While I completely agree with the sharer that it would have been nice to see this fallen soldiers zeal for the Lord become the story, it’s just not a realistic point of view. We must keep our facts in line and understand that this country was not built with the pretenses of Under God as most of us presume.

In 1954, President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the words “under God,” in response to the Communist threat of the times, creating the 31-word pledge of allegiance we say today.

The Lord is not mentioned in our Constitution and was kept referring to The People and the Government alone as they wanted a “godless constitution” so as to give religous freedom to all people no matter what their belief systems were.

So, as we as Christians want to Believe that our nation was founded on an “Under God” factor, it really wasn’t. With that being said, as Believers we must understand we reside in a world of sin where it will reign until the radical coming of the Lord. So expecting “good will” from it’s masses would be futile. This world will never deliver what people need to hear about Jesus! That is why Jesus told the disciples, “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” John 14:12

It is the Believers position to share the Good News about Jesus! Not the world’s. This is what sets us apart from everyone else and gives us the power that we have to make a difference in the people around us.

So keep sharing the Good News! But don’t expect the News to share the goodness of the Lord because it will never happen unfortunately. But we can be a light to the world!