Freedom to Lose & Try Again

I’m a simple person with grand ideas. I grew up in a tiny town on the shelf of Florida. Nothing but sand, a two lane highway and little beach houses as far as a nine year old mind could wander.

I had no idea how big the world was and sometimes, I still wonder if I can comprehend it now at forty-four.

I have lived more stories than I would care to account for. The world has etched scars on my skin as well as my soul, but all have come with a proverb or prayer. My life’s scroll is burned at it’s edges and dirty with soot, but hope still abounds from it’s creases and wind still fills my sail.

I have found that I have very little tolerance for people who have worldly goals instead of Eternal ones. I’m simple when it comes to life but complex when it comes to spiritual thought. I’m gullible, hopeful and oddly optimistic considering my ability of foresight and instinctual premonitory beliefs of the world around me.

I’ve never been famous, but made to feel as though I am. I’ve never been wealthy, but have riches beyond belief. I’ve made my way in this life through countless failures and the belief in the one true God. I’ve lived a life of robbing Peter to pay Paul and when money wasn’t there, God’s Grace was.

I’ve had beautiful moments with lovers, fights and down right wars but survived it all with hope there’s more love to give. I’ve passed all of my earthly experiences and knowledge onto to my children who deeply and honestly respect me for all of it and strive to live different lives.

And now, I bask in all of this to see the point. After all is said and done, the only point that was ever to be received was this. God loves you and God loves me.

There’s no big job to get, no special lover to marry, no end goal in life, no mountain to climb… It’s about these moments and that one and that one… It’s about this moment and this one…. And this one… And, always realizing in each and every moment – I am what I am because God crafted me this way. I am where I am because God let me to this place. I’m Loved, Saved and Cherished by a Heavenly Father so big that nothing compares and I will truly be with Him forever and ever.

If you have been with me since the beginning, know that I owe you my grateful heart for allowing me to grow beside you. If you’ve only been around a while, don’t worry, the best is yet to come. If you’ve just met me… There’s really so much about me you really don’t know… Take your time though… We’ll be here for awhile. For those I’ve yet to meet… I look forward to those moments as well.

In all of this lifetime and everything that has happened in such a short amount of time… It happened living in this country we call America. And although she has lost her way a bit with politics and memes, fake news and false hope, her countrymen yield her weathered song of hope that one day we will stand together as one dream for the hope in God this country was founded on. May her heart become joyous again and may her feet step as one body and may her people come together as one.

Thank you America for the Freedom to choose what job I wanted and giving me a chance to make money. Thank you for the Freedom to raise my children in a Christian home. Thank you for the Freedom to be allowed to screw up, learn from my mistakes and try again. Thank you for the Freedom to publicly gather with friends and family whenever my heart desires. Thank you for the Freedom to listen to what ever kind of music that suits my mood. Thank you for the Freedom to talk about whatever I feel like, even when I’m completely uneducated about it. Thank you for the Freedom to just be a human traveling your land and finding my way.

Today, in this moment… Thank you for my Freedom to be me.