One Way | One Truth | One Life

Today, meditate the Word of God and see that it is SIMPLE. Do not pervert it with religion, ideals, law, pride or worldly love.

Know that Christ is the way, the truth and the life and there is no other way to the Lord but through Him.

You do not need to confess everyday. You do not need to tithe. You do not need to love everybody with a compassion that dismisses The Life & Way of God, meaning… Don’t be complacent. The world’s idea of Love and God’s Love are two different things and true love involves discipline.

You do however need to pray for those who are bound to this world by deafness to hear the good news, blind to see the Light, too lame to walk in the path of righteousness and pray for those who are lost. Jesus came to fulfill the law so you wouldn’t have too, be grateful. Realize your fault and be found in your Grace. Stand as God sees you now, as a Saint of the Most High and act according to the crown upon your head.

Garbage in, Garbage out. If you eat of this world’s energy, you will produce it and you will tire and wear thin. If you eat of the Tree of Life, you will never grow weary and prosper all the days of your life.

If you put Faith in this world’s ability to provide for you, you will go hungry and die a poor man. If you take on the Faith of God, you will never hunger or thirst and have many riches.

Seek and ye shall find. This is true of anything. Whatever you are looking for will surely come to you. Are you seeking peace, love, prosperity, wisdom, Grace, Faith and security? Then Seek God. The world cannot produce anything but doubt, fear, shame, anger, lust and hatred.

As a Believer, you are a mighty oak planted near the stream to show others what still calm Grace in Faith looks like, stop bellowing false hope! Lead by quiet example instead of judgement.

If you don’t learn it now, you will learn it then.

If any of this doesn’t make sense to you… Believe the Lord to open your eyes and heart to comprehend His way and His Life and He will show you the Light. All you must ever do is Believe in what Christ did for you and all other things will be added to you.

Praise the Father, He has Risen in me and planted His Word of Truth so that I may have Life in the Light of the Son, my co-heir to the Kingdom of God!

Check out this video and song from a brother in Christ, Steven Scheffler…