2 Samuel | the 1:11 Series

11 Then David and all the men with him took hold of their clothes and tore them.

David heard of Saul and Jonathan’s death and is utterly heartbroken. His ability to even forgive the man who comes to tell him about it is forgotten and he puts the messenger and man who slayed them to death.

The thoughts of losing men who were anointed to do God’s work can be hard. But we must trust in the Lord because out of everything, even death, He can bring good to our lives.

Did not Christ’s death show us that? Do we not know that God is able to work through anything to get to us? Sometimes, when things are removed from us, we can see the Lord more clearly.

I have had much loss in the last few years, but it was only so that I would look at the Lord instead of the other things in my life I had put Faith in.

Sometimes we put more faith in our jobs, partners, cars and material items than we do in our Heavenly Father. And when we are looking at anything but Him, we will fail.

The Lord wants to be close to His children and He will bring us into shelter when we are losing to comfort us and protect us. But He will never stop the loss from happening to us.