Sheep are to Shepherd as Child is to Parent

Today, I was told by many posts that we as Christians need to work for God to reap the benefits of God. I want to share a different GOOD NEWS with You!

You do not need to suffer your trials “in the name of Christ” Your trials are not here to make you a stronger person;

they’re here to make you a real child of your Heavenly Father! Here’s How!

A child clings to its parent when it is hurt, scared or in need of comfort, right? Therefore, when you are in pain, suffering or in need of comfort, CLING to your Heavenly Father who is waiting to comfort you.

Psalm 32:7-8

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.

He desires us to be solely resting in Him through all the trials in our life. It is only in our weakest moment when we are holding onto His life, that our strength from Him can be revealed.

Be the sheep to your shepherd. He will never lead you astray. Follow Him with all your heart and mind. This life brings trials and tribulations. The Heavenly Father is not expecting strength from you! He’s expecting His child to come running in fear and weakness to grab onto his robes and hide in His everlasting Grace!

Be freed of Expectations of Religion! Live Free as the Loved Child of God that you truly are!