Survival of the Faithful | Emergency Kit for the Chosen

Have you fallen and you can’t get up? Are you stuck in a financial hole? Have you lost your spiritual energy? Don’t worry! All of these things happen to even the best of us! The Good News is there’s a solution! And it’s FREE!

If our Hope is in things unseen, then we have to count on surprise gifts of Providence in our lives from our Heavenly Father. Make sense? It should! Good promise to us was not to provide for us if we did good, but to put our provisions above all other creatures on Earth! Whoa! We are special to Him!

God has promised to provide all of our needs, but in doing so, He will provide them according to His riches in Glory. So what does that mean for the Believer? Simply stated, the riches in Glory mean that what He provides for us will magnify His Grace and Love for us in our lives. So, what types of things magnify His Love and Grace?

  1. Spiritual Gifts
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Love for Others
  5. Living Water
  6. Bread of Life
  7. Hope
  8. The Gospel
  9. Protection
  10. Sustainment
  11. Gratefulness

Are these not things to be hoped for? Are these not the way to our providential and pleasurable life? If you think that the riches are more of this worldly nature, you might be missing the point.

Learning to be content sometimes means losing everything we have in order to see what truly has valuable meaning in our lives. Comprehending what the Riches for His Glory also cause us to realize that he transformation in us causes us to become the actual riches! His inheritance is us! You and Me! And the Fruits that come forth from us will continue to build His church, the bride, so the whole world will see His Glory shine through. Be of good cheer Saints of God! We have been armoured with everything we need to get through any battle this world throws at us.

We have a secret weapon that turns Sadness into Joy!

Trials into Character!

Loss into Gratitude!

Impatience into Patience!

Distain into Forgiveness!

Hunger into Providence!

Thirst into Sustaining Song!

Mistakes into Fruits of the Spirit!

We can’t go wrong! We can’t muck it up! With Christ living within us, we can do all things through God who strengthens us!

Woohoohallelujah! It’s time for a Jubilee, a rejoicing, with a satisfaction that our Salvation sets us apart from this world and places us in a wonder of ease while we rest in the true Providence of God. The knowing that we will have everything we will ever need causes an inner peace people search for their whole lives. Thank goodness we have eyes to see the Glory of our God!

Take advantage of your rest today and enjoy the freedom He has set before us!

Here’s a song of Jubilation to start your day!

Jehovah Jireh, His Grace is sufficient for me.