Where There’s a Will | Who’s Will are You Living By

In short, where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? We all know that when we are determined to reach a goal and we move towards it, little by little every day, that eventually we will reach that goal. It’s when we start to question whether our goals are of God’s will that we start to become confused and wander. So, how then do we know if we’re in God’s will or not?

The hope is not of our understanding, but in the renewed minds we now have in Jesus! We are being set apart from this world, and being prepared for eternity! We cannot enter the eternal realm with the Adamic Nature we are born with. The nature of man, which is TOKOGAE (the Knowledge of Good and Evil) must be removed or, as scriptures say, put to death, so that a New Nature can be placed inside of us. That is what Christ died for! The old nature! And now, as Believers, we are slowly growing up, maturing, and transforming into Christ Nature! Do you see?

Our lives become one with God and His will. It is so incredibly crucial that we understand this. It is when we don’t comprehend our renewal, that we toss and turn in worry, make harmful choices and we delay our destiny. If we lay in Zion so to speak, it is to say that we are standing in a foundation of Truth. In Romans, God says the law was done away with and by Faith, we uphold it. So, if we live in Truth and live by Faith, what concern can we have?

We must be willing to believe that slowly the transformation of our sound mind comes forth and trust in it to bring us to right decisions. Those decisions ultimately putting us into a place where our spiritual gifts are used to build the Church of God! Where our Faith becomes steady as granite forged to the center of the earth. Steady and unfaltering we will be in our walk. Because we will live in that boldly and pull strength from the knowing of Christ within us.

Then let our Hope be in these things which are not seen instead of the things of this world. We are not here to conform ourselves, but to bring a Truth so bright that it opens the eyes of the ones who were lost and guides their paths back into righteousness! Hold high your head which wears a crown of salvation! For we are the sons and daughters of His holy inheritance and will bring forth the Will of the Lord with our very lives. This brethren, is our Joy! Our steadfast knowledge that we are doing okay. Our confirmation. Our Covenant with the Lord.

So don’t worry about the next step, but instead, take a step. Believe, Trust God that He will show you the way. Pray and seek Him in all matters and all other things shall be added to you.

Listen to this Great Song about the Transformation in Christ by Steven Scheffler!