The Struggle is Real | There is Hope in Our Weakness

I woke up feeling quite sad this past week. Blame it in the blues or stress, it maybe it’s hormones; but whatever the cause, it’s got me down.

I’m not one for complaining. I have a long history of beating down and giving it all I’ve got when life gets tough. But lately, it seems I can’t find strength inside of me anymore. Could it be I found a different source other than myself to strengthen me?

You can bet on what I will say next, can’t you? Yup… I’m predictable. But I hope you too as a Believer know exactly what I’m talking about! I’m talking about the strength in Jesus that we possess as a benefit of our Salvation! The trick is to consistently remind ourselves of the Strength and Joy we have in the Lord!

It’s easy to get distracted and take our eyes off the true meaning of this life. Our jobs, kids, vehicles, relationships, weekly plans and weekend excursions; all these things demand our attention. We forget to refuel our energy with meditation and prayer. When we sell the Lord, all other things are added to us, so why would we focus on anything else?

Well, instant gratification is a big part of it. God had given us a lifetime to figure this whole relationship thing out. He knows we won’t get it the first, sending it every fortieth time. That’s why He is so incredibly patient with us. In the meantime, He promised to show us the way over and over. He promised to bless us when we sell Him first. And, He had promised Everlasting Joy!

Now this is a remedy for your blues, don’t ya think?

Come to the Lord who are broken, for He will give you everlasting life. I pray you find the time to talk to Him today. He’s waiting to refill your cup and give you Peace.