Ruth | the 1:11 Series

Aren’t we all desiring true loyalty? I know I am… the hope for it is the one thing that stops me from making new friends, dating and trusting others…

Ruth is an amazing book which shows us the story of a woman who was completely faithful and loved through Faith which brought an amazing sense of Loyalty.

Most of us have found that we pray more when our lives or foundations are shaken than we do when our lives are going smoothly. The point is having a relationship with the Lord. Would we only speak to our husbands or wives when we were worried about a bill? Or only speak to our children when they misbehaved? Then why do we only talk to God when we are in trouble?

We must learn that this is a much more intimate process and by keeping our focus on God, we might find that we notice less issues with our lives than we did before. Do you want to know why? It’s called distraction!

But where in we see a distraction, God sees opportunity to start our transformation! So we can never lose.

Ruth is a great example of manifesting blessings in her life by Loving in Faith, which brought about an unsurpassed Loyalty and therefore brought blessings to her family. What a great way to enjoy our God! Allowing Him to bring forth the Fruits of the Spirit.

Remember that no matter what is happening in your life, the Lord is just waiting for you to look at Him! Seek Him First and all other things shall be added unto you.