Judges | the 1:11 Series

Judges is the story of the fights being win by listening to the Lord. The Isrealites pushed into the promised Land because the Lord promised to go before them. He told them to go and be strong and courageous! But listening to the Lord, the gained their lands and won their battles.

If I am to look for meaning, I first seek the meaning of the town, Debit. It turns out there are over 100 words in the English language that can describe what this one word in Hebrew means. And it is called the “town of books” it “town of scribes”. Interesting as the Lord has been working on my language and teaching me that everything that we say holds consequence to the one and only message God is trying to portray to His people. He loves them!

Make sure, while you hang out with friends, talk of old relationships and waste some time with a neighbor, that you chose kind and loving words. You never know when you will have to eat them.