Deuteronomy | The 1:11 Series

It has been said, The Lord works in mysterious ways…

I knew that I was to read the eleventh verse, of the first chapter of every book in the Bible… But the relativity that was to come was not so apparent!

As I discussed to fix the world’s problems the other night with a couple of buddies, (speech for hanging out and having beers) the conversation of Babylon came up… As I delved into my next eleventh verse scripture, I find myself being thrown into the land of the Amorites, (the earliest of Caananites, the beginning of Babylon.

In trying to wrap my head around what was being said to me, I read the first chapter of Deuteronomy over and over the past few days. And then I realized that maybe there is relativity of the Isrealites fear of entering the land they were promised and my own fear of entering this new life and the places that God is taking me.

His promise to take care of them never put them at ease. They were always questioning the Lord and following with hesitation. Maybe in that example, God is showing me my own unfaithfulness and short-sideness and what this type of belief can bring to man when we don’t follow God.

Psalms 23

We must know that He is fighting the Good Fight for us! Always ahead of us on the path, making a way for His promise to come forth into fruition. He will never guide us into our demise, but will remain faithful and constant. He will always prepare the table and allow us to rest when we are weary. The Lord is our Shepherd! Do the sheep question their Shepherd in the fields when he points the way? Does the herd hold back and send scouts to watch the Shepherd before they decide it is safe to proceed? Then why do we question where the Lord wants us to go? Why do we give our promises to our descendants lest we could enjoy the promise now? How long will we question what the Lord is doing for us before we simply follow blindly by Faith and Patience? Where then will we end up due to our unfaithfulness?

The Lord will always make a way for our prosperity. Not that we may prosper in riches of this world, but in riches of the spirit. When we were children, we played a game where one of us would lead another with their eyes closed. This is how we should rely on Jesus to be our leader. We should close our eyes and open our hearts to follow Him wholeheartedly! Just as Caleb, son of Jephunneh. He alone inherited the land with his descendants because he followed the Lord with all his heart! We too should trust the Lord.

Make today a day of faithfulness and patience for the promise has been given to us!

Isaiah 45:2

“I will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars.

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  1. Hey Corrie, another good one. Loved this! Really spoke to me. And oh, there is a mistake in the last sentence: “Make today a day OF (you have OFF)…


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