Numbers | The 1:11 Series

A census was taken on Mount Sinai of all men over the age of twenty and they were counted. Then there was one man appointed over each of the three tribes of the Israelites. And in the first chapter, in the eleventh verse, we learn of Abidan so of Gideoni, of Benjamin.

While we study the first chapter in the book of Numbers, let us visit the Bible Numerology Guide, researched and recorded by my Teacher and Father, Steven Scheffler. There are many numbers being brought to our attention in this book. And so, as I try to avoid over-analyzing the situation… I will simply discuss the points that God gave me during my Bible study and prayer this morning.

In Numbers, Chapter 1,  we see the Lord divide the Israelites by twelve tribes and appoint twelve leaders. We also know that there were twelve disciples. Why twelve? The meaning of the number twelve the “governmental perfection”. I can’t help but see a relativity to the order that He was putting into place over the Israelites. Symbols are used as examples to sharpen our understanding of the one message God consistently points back to through every story in the Bible. That message being the New Covenant and The meaning of Christ’s Death for us. In other words, God’s LOVE for His people.

First I wanted to know what Abidan meant, so I googled it. We see that Abidan’s name means “Father of judgement” or, Father meaning God in this reference, therefore God of Judgement.

Abidan [E] [H]

(father of the judge ), chief of the tribe of Benjamin at the time of the Exodus. (B.C. 1491.) ( Numbers 1:11 ; 2:22 ;Numbers 7:60 Numbers 7:65 ; 10:24) He was chosen to be offered at the Tabernacle on the ninth day.

Abidan was the eighth leader named; eight standing for new beginnings, or new birth.

And finally, he was offered at the Tabernacle on the ninth day; nine meaning the fruit of the Spirit, that which is Divine completeness from the Father.

My interpretation of God’s message to me was this. A Reminder of the finished work.

As Believers, our final judgement of our Heavenly Father fell in the cup that Christ drank in His last hours before the crucifixion. The judgement was given through Christ’s death on the cross. It was coming to us as a spiritual sacrifice for our multitude of sins.

When we believe that Christ rose from the dead, we see a rebirth, a new beginning. We too are REBORN out of His death when we BELIEVE in the Grace through our salvation!

This judgement and allowance of Life after Death could only be completed by our Heavenly Father who is Divine. And this story, like so many others in the Bible, refers to the one message God continues to deliver to His people, Through the Judgement, Grace was Given and it was divinely and perfectly complete. And it is done just as Christ said in His last breath; “It is done“.

Believers! You do not need to continue to try and save your soul through the works of your hands! But instead, allow Fruits of the Spirit to come flowing out of you as you walk in serene peace with Jesus all the days of your life! He has done all the work so perfectly, so Divinely, that there is nothing left for you to do but REJOICE in your Salvation! Hallelujah!

You see, I was being reminded of the place I sit now with Jesus because I am saved. There is purpose for me here. I think we all ask the Lord what our purpose is, don’t we? So, let’s find out…


What sanctification can we now receive through Christ Jesus, our Lord?

sanctification; to take one and set it apart for its design and purpose; to make holy by using something for it’s design and purpose

What then am I being set aside to do? And through what process will I be used for my design and made Holy through that process? We see in Romans 15:15-16, Paul sees his sanctification in bringing Gentiles to God and asking God that their sacrifices be made Holy and be set to purpose by the Holy Spirit.

15 But on some points I have written to you very boldly by way of reminder, because of the grace given me by God 16 to be a minister of Christ Jesus to the Gentiles in the priestly service of the gospel of God, so that the offering of the Gentiles may be acceptable, sanctified by the Holy Spirit.

As we know that the Holy Spirit is our “decipherer“, we know that He is consistently translating our offerings to serve the will and good of the Lord so as to make us Holy through them. These I believe will bring forth our fruits of the spirit.

So with our tongues we hope love and joy will pour from! Realizing that we are not saved by the acts of our flesh, but by the longing of our Spirit to fulfill the work of the Lord! And those that state their wholly belief; are made Holy before our Heavenly Father! Amen?


Rejoice I tell you as I tell my own heart! Rejoice in the Lord your God, for He has nothing but good for you to inherit.

With this reminder, I encourage you to set forth again the journey and bring forth fruits of the spirit while we lean not in our own understanding but in Christ within us who is our foundation. I pray the growth of the word in us will become wisdom and we bring forth the good news each and everyday.

Stay in peace.


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2 thoughts on “Numbers | The 1:11 Series

  1. Well, I see you are truly studying the Bible. And your getting some great stuff by doing so!! Good for you. I pray that God gives you a love of the Bible that is far greater than my own. Oh to pass that gift on to ALL MY CHILDREN, Grandchildren and my great grandchild as well.

    You did a lot of work and I think you said a great deal of revelation you received by checking numbers, name meanings and just the light of Christ that is brought to us through the understanding of that former Covenant, the Law.

    Good job Miss Corrie, Saint, fellow steward of God’s word, friend, daughter, Bestie, and comrade.

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    1. It really was a Divine finding… The Lord works with us so gently! I want searching… But LONGING for a word, and it came. The Lord is good. And this is Christ’s work, not my own.


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