Bridging the Gap Between Rainbows and Ashes

All dogs go to heaven, or do they? The day after losing my dog, I surely would have wanted to believe that. The day certainly started with sorrowful sobs. I howled and asked the Lord to comfort me.

While I understand wholly and truly believe that animals are not to pass on to the eternal realm, I still grieve the loss of my pup. And while so many wonderful people try to comfort me during this loss, I do not agree with the meme’s, poems and myths that somehow I will “see him again”. I know that my dog won’t be sitting at the pearly gates waiting for me. The thought to me is almost comical, but I try to be sensitive to the way other’s need to mourn.


Animals are temporal, not eternal like us. Their purpose was to serve man and there will be no need for animals in the eternal realm because we will not need to eat, need to work or experience physical comfort. We will not need the service of animals like we do on earth. I don’t expect that truth to change during a time of loss just to comfort me. However, I did expect to behave more rationally due to knowing the truth. I know that these are simply human emotions and that is why I am trying to be patient with myself… but I also know that these emotions are part of a temporal realm and so I work to process them that way, temporarily.

For all things of this earth shall perish, but those who believe in me will be brought into a rebirth and be given eternal life through the life of Christ Jesus, our Lord. This is the promise of the Heavenly Father.

So while pondering my emotional state, I quieted myself and searched my heart for an answer. A verse of a favorite song written by Steven Scheffler came to my mind..

And the trees of the fields shall clap their hands while you go out with Joy

watch the video here…


In that moment, I realized the Lord was delivering His JOY to strengthen me. My soul was seeking the Lord for strength in a time of trouble. When we are thirsty for Joy, the Lord shows compassion and gives us strength! His joy IS our strength! I knew right then, that I would be okay. The Lord brought me into a place of REJOICING! Even through my grief, I was blessed! When our natural state is to seek God in our time of need, He is quick to answer. I am so grateful that the Lord has taught me this coping skill. Wow! Our God is an AMAZING God! He is so incredibly Good to me! It made me say… HALLE-WOOHOO-LUJAH! Praise God for His Love for Me! I am grateful to be saved.

I read Isaiah 55; “The Compassion of the Lord” today while looking for the place in the bible where it talks about the trees clapping their hands. What a beautiful place for Jesus to send us comfort!  A great message for those who are hurting and need Joy!

The Lord IS our Joy! The video below shares with us just how that works! I pray you have a Joyful day! No matter how you are feeling or what has happened to you recently, remember, the Lord is your JOY!

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  1. Corrie, this was well said. And Biblically referred to in many good ways. Loved the Isaiah 55 Chapter as pointing to the more valued truth of eternal satisfaction rather than that which man tries to find in the temporal realm we presently live in. Thanks for sharing good reports with the back drop of such a terrible loss. You shine!!

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