Leviticus | 1:11 Series

In our plans that we may be prosperous, we sacrifice daily. Our hopes and dreams are dashed by logistics far to often… We sacrifice time for chores, fun for work and some of us even sacrifice morals for stature. We sacrifice our peace for worry and our self love for strife. Are these really the sacrifices God wanted from us?

Adam began a relationship with the Lord in the Garden. He was never meant to worry about gaining his subsistence or maintaining his walk with God. He and God spoke with one another like you and I do! He had no shame or guilt for walking around completely naked. He had nothing to have anxiety or angst about. He had one rule and one rule only. Do you know what it was?

Genesis 2:17

but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it; for in the day that thou eatest of it thou shalt certainly die.

What do you think died in Adam? Well, we know that it wasn’t his flesh, at least not right away. Adam’s death was in his spirit! He gained knowledge that would cause him strife and stress, he would suffer from illnesses that we call anxiety and doubt… and it is this thinking that causes us to grow old and wither physically and mentally. Before we ate of TOKOGAE, (the tree of knowledge of good and evil), we were eternal! This is why we had to be sent from the garden, lest we ate from the Tree of Life and be held in this state forever! Can you imagine the torment of living forever the way we are right now? Oh goodness, what a tragedy that would be.

Good news is, we don’t have to! But it wasn’t always this way. Before Christ, there was the Law, and the Law was written to govern man, or so we think. The true purpose of the law was not to govern us but to show us just how much we needed Christ and the Grace that followed Him!

In no way, shape or form can we ever live up to the law, and God already knew that. The problem was, Adam didn’t know this due to his intellectual knowledge of Good and Evil. You see, our knowledge, was lying to us, from the very beginning. So maybe, just maybe… knowledge is not power.

So in order to excuse us from not living up to the law, we used to offer a sacrifice in return for a blessing. We would burn a bullock. A domesticated, castrated male animal would be burned in place of us. This was our way or sacrificing ourselves for our sins. A ritual to show our sorrows for our failures. A very cruel punishment we missed indeed by having the opportunity to replace our flesh with the flesh of an animal.

Leviticus 1:11

11 And he shall kill it on the side of the altar northward before the Lord: and the priests, Aaron’s sons, shall sprinkle his blood round about upon the alter

As you can see, if you read the whole chapter, there were many laws written just for this ritual alone. But, here’s where the good news comes to pass. Christ came after these rituals to free us from the burdens of sacrifice and to allow us to only sacrifice one thing from there on out. Our BELIEF. If we are to believe that He has become our one and only needed sacrifice to gain God’s Grace, then we are to gain that Grace freely! Wow! That’s all? Just BELIEVE!?!

So then what sacrifices are you making today that are of the old ways? How are you applying Old Law to your life? If you feel that you are being punished or that God is reprimanding you and asking you to sacrifice something to gain blessing, you’re not listening to God, you’re hearing someone else. That work has been done by the only one who could have ever covered the multitudes of sins for the world once and for all!

The pleasures of work and self atonement that we seek through guilt, anxiety, stature, rituals, anger and persecution are all ways that our old Adam used to seek favor in God’s eyes! But now! That we are BELIEVERS, we can stop all that nonsense and vain works and just exist in the knowing that we are to receive God’s good graces and blessings on our everyday lives because we have sacrificed our TOKOGAE and chosen to BELIEVE in our given everlasting life instead of death. What Christ did for us is truly our miracle, our sign and wonder of everyday living.

So, we should not be afraid if we haven’t made Sunday service, read our Bible enough, sacrificed ourselves to worry over our bills or our jobs, cut into our income to support the corner church or acted like a good Christians enough… Because you are not under the law anymore. You are under Grace. Instead, we ought to spend our time enjoying our walk with God! Rejoicing in His Glory! Enjoy the transformation that our New BELIEF provides! We will naturally desire the things that God wants in our lives because of our transformation! Trust in that, this is your Faith Bank! Know that I am God, he said to us… He didn’t say have anxiety over everything you say and do so that you can figure out I’m God. However, doesn’t it seem like we prefer to take that course more often than not?

We should stop sacrificing our peace to the things of this world and start understanding the sacrifice has been made on our behalf. Praise God that He made it Simple for Stupid!

Ha! Now, go enjoy your life! God is your walking miracle today.

3 thoughts on “Leviticus | 1:11 Series

  1. I like everything you said, but I would disagree with Adam being eternal before eating of TOKOGAE. Fourth paragraph I believe. That’s where I saw that statement that, “We were alive forever before eating from the wrong tree.” Actually, Adam would not have been alive FOREVER UNLESS he had eaten from the right Tree, the Tree of Life.

    Does this make sense?


    1. Absolutely Correct! In the thinking that if we had lived out our purpose in the Garden, this would have been so… I think I got ahead of myself there! Hahaha! Thank You Steven! Aka…Dad, Brother, Saint and Friend!


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