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Are you seeing 111 everywhere? Are you finding other versions of it as well? For instance, 1:11, 11:11 and just plain 11? So am I and well…

I don’t know why either. But, what I’m not going to do is give you some ideas of upcoming signs in worldly numerology or horoscopes. I won’t tempt you into believing God’s got some unknown greatness coming into your life. And I won’t tell you to believe that this is something you should pay attention to.

What I will do is tell you what God told me to do this morning when I asked Him, “Why do I keep seeing this number?”


I won’t tell you that I didn’t look up the meaning of the number one and number eleven in my “Bible Numerology Guide by Steven Scheffler.

1       Unity; New beginnings

11     Disorder and judgement

And I have to say, the results left me a bit disheveled. Was I in disorder? Was I under Judgement? Was I going to start something new? I didn’t know what to think! Then, I thought… well maybe we should be adding them together!

3       Divine completeness and perfection

Well, now we are getting somewhere! I liked that result! But, was this really the answer?

I have been seeing 1:11 for more than a year now. It appeared on clocks, receipts, assignment numbers. It was seemingly everywhere! I would wake abruptly in the middle of the night and there it was in the darkness, leering at me… I had no signs of understanding why this number kept coming up. So, I asked the Lord… repeatedly. Have you ever spent more than a year asking the Lord the same question? I was really starting to feel desperate! So, I started ignoring it. I thought, maybe I am manifesting it because I am focused on it. But, it just kept popping up.

Well, this morning, it happened again… The screeching of a trucks “jake brake” brought me out of a dark nightmare. I sat up to get a drink of water when I looked at the clock…


I quietly said… “Lord? What is with this number? Why do I keep seeing it?”

And that’s when I heard it… “Share the Eleventh Verse of The First Chapter of Every Book in the Bible”

So… Here goes! I hope you enjoy this series! We are about to go find the eleventh verse in every first chapter in every book in the Bible! This is going to be fun! Send me any feedback you have from reading these verses! I hope they reach the intended person they were meant for each and every time! God Bless!

Episode 1… Genesis

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