How to Change Careers

Inquiring minds want to know… Hi Corrie, I need advice on finding a position as an assistant bookkeeper. I am an administrative assistant and going back to school to get my accounting degree.

Response: Everything that you want to be should be portrayed in your portfolio or resume….

Folks like to add a lot of what they have done, but forget that a resume is to show what you want to do as well. Your portfolio should scream your intentions. Talk about the accomplishments in your career that will back up the purpose of your mission! To become an Assistant Bookkeeper.


Google research keywords in this field and then use the ones that best portray your abilities and skill sets. Then, for kicks, try out and apply for jobs in that field that you may be slightly under qualified for. Look at it as an opportunity to get information and get in front of people you want to emulate! Push your profile in the circles of people you look up to and then let that energy lead you to your perfect position.

Be specific when people ask you what your future plans and goals are. You never know who’s listening and you just might find someone who is willing to help achieve those goals. Remember when your mother said hang out with the people you want to be like? It’s so true! We should surround ourselves with people who share our same goals and direction in life. They will continuously assist us in staying focused on the bigger picture. businessman-2753324_1920

Be like-able but stand out. Someone said to me today that they enjoyed the journey from the ledger to presenting a profit & loss statement. They said that it gave them joy to have the Project done before the deadline and then to have any mistakes corrected and still be in before deadline. They took extreme pride in that. But, it stuck out to me… So, I will remember that applicant and be truly searching to help him find a job because I saw his passion in numbers.

Go the extra mile and be knowledgeable about you non-negotiable standards. Be of strong character but be flexible and willing to learn. Always be willing to learn how to do something a new way. Be courageous but steady and reliable. Expect roadblocks, but don’t trip over them. Struggles come and go, that’s what life is all about. And it’s in those struggles that we all learn to be the best we can be.

Good luck on your search and thank you for allowing me to be apart of your journey!

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