Grateful Gloom by Grace

The Lord Gives and He Takes Away! Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

I was driving home in a downpour rain late the other night and this great song played while listening to my favorite Google playlist, Steve Scheffler Google Radio, and a Song by Kathryn Scott, “Blessed Be Your Name” came on. I really love to turn this one up… So listen to it when you can rock out!

She talks about the deserts of our lives but still choosing to say, Blessed Be the Name of the Lord!

Wow! It’s so hard to remember how to be Grateful when things aren’t going our way! Right? But having a relationship with our Lord Jesus teaches us that we can be grateful everyday because we have so much more than this world waiting for us! We have been shown a Grace that is above Grace! Love bigger than all limits! We have been given so very much by our Heavenly Father!

Thinking ungratefully can become a seriously bad habit! Luckily, I have learned new trick to break bad habits and I’m going to share it with you!

Instead of trying to “STOP” a habit, or “BREAK” one… Try this…

Don’t quit it, Just Choose to Do something different!

The next time you find yourself feeling gloomy, and all the world seems to be folding in on you… When your stuck in a Lions den of doubt or shame. When you think the whole world is against you. Associate those thoughts with a new action.

Pray! Or… Make a Grateful List! Maybe decide make someone around you Laugh or Find letters in the alphabet! Pick ONE thing that you will choose to do each and everytime you find yourself sinking into a bad habit.

For me, it’s Gloom=Praise. Every time I catch myself thinking negatively or complaining, I choose to praise God instead! I’ll turn on praise music, or profess my Faith out loud. I will say God loves me! I choose to think about God and how Grateful I am for my salvation… Before ya know it, I’m feeling better!

And by the way, I’ve been practicing this for the past 7 weeks, and it’s getting easier and easier… So keep it up and it will work! I promise!

What will you choose to do instead?

Please! Share your comments with me!