Speak to the Rock, Don’t Smack it!

What have you invested your heart in? I mean… where do you put all your faith, your caring investments, ya know, your heart?

We put so much energy into the things around us and into our lives, that we don’t realize how much it can cause us to be blinded and stumble. When a blind man walks without a guide, he trips and falls. We too can trip ourselves up when we blind ourselves from the one thing that should be our all and all. Our relationship with Christ.

What are our hearts really invested in our lives? Is it in our job? What about our family? Maybe it’s a relationship.

If your waiting for a miracle, you’re not looking for it in the right place with a right heart.

Whatever it is, when we become exhuausted and need to “gas up”, we usually find that we have no where to turn. You see, I’ve spent years investing in a business, a brand, a lifestyle and a life-long dream of mine. But, when I went through hardships and turned to those people and that business to support me and help me through it, it was an empty well of doubt, fear and hopelessness.

When we need validation, we turn to our relationships and families. As parents we look to our children to make us proud of our parental guidance. As lovers we look to our partners for confidence in our magnificence. As friends we look for proof that we are allowed to screw up and be forgiven… In our jobs we look for validation of our hard work, sweat and stress. In our dreams, we look for hope.

Matthew 6:33

But seek first His kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well

There is a place that we can invest our hearts in where the answers to the validations we seek come wholly and righteously. A place where the burdens of our greatness don’t rest on our shoulders, but where we can boast in the greatness without burden! A place where we can share in the pride of a life saved by Grace instead of our parental guidance. Where our dreams and destiny align because our hearts have been transformed into a perfect way of thinking; hence Hope flows freely from our minds and bodies as we traverse the deserts of our lives. A place where living water flows from rocks and the breeze refreshes our energy.

Will you strike the rock, or speak to it? Numbers 20:7-12

Hope lies where our hearts are. If we invest our hearts in our relationship with the Lord, all matters of this world will be quickened into solutions because the reality is, these things don’t matter! Only He matters! And He has every desire to manage our lives for us in such a way that we can live in the comfort of knowing we have everything that we need because we stand with Our Provider!

The knowledge of our mind is not what Our Heavenly Father desires… His desire is our hearts!

When we have a problem, we must first seek His answer and His plan for the situation, not ours! If we focused on prayer instead of trying to figure things out ourselves, we would find that things are work out just fine.

We already know that every time we place our burdens at His feet, He relieves us of them. So why are we investing in our jobs to fulfil us? Why do we get mad at our lovers when they don’t validate our spirits? Why do we seek Justice in the world for a child who’s misbehaving when we know that Grace is the only way out?

One Word, TOKOGAE. Or, SIN.

The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, or Sin, has tainted our souls, and it is only BELIEF that will set us FREE! We must BELIEVE God’s got a better way in everything that we are involved in, otherwise our Faith is in ourselves, and not in Him! When God gave us His only Son… He asked us to do one thing… BELIEVE IN HIM. He didn’t just ask is to Believe in something, He asked us to Believe in HIM. The HIM who is Faithful, The HIM who is Holy and Righteous. The HIM who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Matthew 5

a story to show how sowing your heart in the life of Christ with reap you great benefits…

So, you see… It is far better to invest your heart in something that will always give you the right answer than to always be right yourself. Sacrifice is what Jesus did for us. We sacrifice our hearts and He gives us HOPE in everything we do.

I pray this helps you today in your walk. If you are suffering, hurting, worrying or scared, pray about it. Seek God’s understanding of the situation. He will tell you if you ask Him too! But you MUST ask! Our Father is not pushy, He will not force His ways upon us… He waits for us to seek Him and then He moves! If your waiting for a miracle, you’re not looking for it in the right place.

2 thoughts on “Speak to the Rock, Don’t Smack it!

    1. Ha!! Thanks Dad! I woke up this morning worried about money issues… The Lord stopped me quick and asked me if I had prayed about it… I knew immediately, I was being suckered into stress that I didn’t need to have in my life! So, I prayed… let it go and this blog came to me. Live in the Now… and we don’t worry about tomorrow. Thank goodness I am taken care of. I could have stressed on it all day, but instead I enjoyed my day. Praise God! He is so Faithful to us! I know He’s already got it all figured out… I’m celebrating with a Grateful Heart!


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