It’s a Marathon, Not a Race

Have you ever noticed when you’re in a hurry and waiting for the light to change green, it takes forever!?

It just always seems time moves slower when you’re “reaching for a finish line” rather than “going for a walk”.


We tend to be in a rush. We don’t pace ourselves through life. There is always another goal to conquer, wave to catch or opportunity to seize that we forget to enjoy the journey along the way.

*Idea of the Day: Most successful businesses and world-changing ideas have been achieved through “slow, painstaking, incremental progress,” and by not giving up, says Leila Janah, founder and CEO of Samasource.

“Real progress is achieved by blocking and tackling — making steady, incremental gains rather than occasional and glamorous big leaps.”

Take the Hare & the Tortoise for example. The Hare spent much more time strategizing his life around the finish line rather than succeeding the marathon. And the Tortoise paced himself, taking time to think out the journey rather than racing to the end. He sang with the birds, skipped a spell, took a swing, and paced his sprint eventually reaching his goal and becoming the winner!

A colleague of mine once told me to “slow my roll” when I got anxious to move forward in a position. When everything was said and done,  I found out I was running toward a finish line that wasn’t even part of my destiny! Life had diverted me into a completely different direction in the course of the journey. When I looked back on everything, I saw that I was in a mad dash in the wrong direction! I’m thankful that doors were closed to keep me from jumping through the process too quickly or I might have lost one of the best opportunities of my life.

Remember, achieving success is about the little gainful steps along the way, not the gigantic leaps that happen once in a while. Learn to smell the roses, let the waves lick your feet and let your spirit smile along the journey we call life.

Live in the moment, you’ll find racing is for fools and marathons are for champions. – Corrie Vallance