Sexism and Sales | You can’t say that anymore

I had a District Manager, of a Fortune 500 Company, tell me that sometimes it was necessary to “sell the sex till the guy starts listening to what you’re really selling him…”

“I left the company a week later, I knew I had no chance of potential growth there.”

There is no longer any room for woman bashing or sexism in the workforce. Woman are Entrepreneurs, Sales Reps, Owners, Presidents and CEO’s. They are present in the workplace and have made their mark on the Business Industry. Not by force, but with intelligence, growth and contribution.

The “norm” around the office according to Forbes, states that the general population of working men are doing it cause “everybody does it”. I’m not sure if that will be a good excuse in a legal argument.

See – How Men’s Words Affects Women in the Workplace

The fact is that women suffer from decreased job satisfaction, stress and even consider leaving their careers when they are faced with this type of sexism in the workplace. They know that it doesn’t have to be like this and most women in this century simple will not put up with it.¬†There are plenty of respectable positions in the world that won’t encourage this type of behavior. We have come a long way from that type of “locker room” mentality. The taste that was left in our mouths, was best brought back into memory during the 2017 Elections, when the now, President Trump, was shown on video bantering remarks that were later categorized as “locker room talk”. The womanizing behaviors of our former more¬†chauvinistic american brothers has since been voided from the everyday workplace with political speech, policies and mandates against sexual harassment. When it pops its ugly head up for a re-visit, it can be quite upsetting to any hard working woman who has built a reputation of sensible and credible ethics.

If any woman tells me she is told to use her body to “get the sale”,¬† I would encourage her to do the same thing I did, quit.

The day this happened to me, I had only experienced it too many times before. I had ignored the banter and laughter because I thought that it wouldn’t ever affect my potential. But, through the years, I have learned that it can and it will hold you back from exceeding in a company. I decided that this time it was different, so I quit. I could have sued, yes… but for me it wasn’t about making a profit off of my insulted feelings. It wasn’t about standing up for “women all over” or “making a stand”. I just knew that I had no place to grow in a company who had a DM open to speaking to me this way. It defined the companies culture for me. In just a few short weeks I witnessed several other disappointing actions as well. I heard a man call a woman a “Mary Kay Superstar” in a room full of forty people, after she introduced herself and explained her passion and excitement for joining the team. I heard my peer being called my manager’s “work wife”, well… “ex-work-wife” as he then referred to me as the “new-work-wife”. I felt demeaned and belittled. I knew I had hit the ceiling of my growth in the company within the first 3 weeks. It was the “norm” but that didn’t change that it was also devastating.


My only hope is that eventually the mindset changes in America’s workplace towards women and their intellect and professional capabilities. There should be open opportunity for anyone in the workplace and these things should be based upon merit, not gender. I mean, really – aren’t there laws set up for this type of behavior? So, why aren’t they getting it yet?