5 Sites with Free Images | Blogging Just Got Easier

Those of us who blog and build websites know just how difficult it can be and how much time can be spent on trying to find an image that best portrays what we are trying to talk about! Using great photos and media helps ensure the message is clear. It is absolutely rule number one not to use images without permission that have a copyright or license attached. So, how do we do it?

First thing you want to look for is CC0 Images. This means that the image has a Creative Commons Zero License and can be used for Free on any site or media of your choosing. Learn More about CC0 Images Here. It can be hard to find these types of images! So, Listen up!… cause I am about to make your life a whole lot easier. Check out these 5 Sites that have hundreds of images to use absolutely free. Hopefully it will help save you some time and money as well!



#1 Pexels

Pexels was my first find and helped me populate my site quickly and accurately. They have a quick and easy account generator and I was able to quickly search my topics of discussion and choose several images in the matter of moments. The site features a unique menu at the top that gives you the ability to do quick searches on topics like, “Discover“, “Popular” and even one of my favorites, “Photos by Color


#2 Unsplash

Unsplash is a great place for high resolution landscape images. This site features a “photo of the day” category and encourages users to submit photos for CC0. It boasts in it’s feed being the a community of gifted and generous photographers. It has a large variety and great search tools. This is one for the Bookmarks Bar!


#3 Pixabay

With a Plethora of Videos, Vectors and Images up for grabs, this site is one of my favorites. Uniquely, this site features a page where you can research the photographers and browse their inventory! This is great for starting out photographers that want feedback on their work. I would encourage any photographer looking for ways to publicize their works to use a site like this for a while.


#4 StockSnap

StockSnap brings a sort of urban-ism to the featured list. I noticed a lot of gray-scale and modern photography being brought to life here. Great stuff for idea images and thought provokers. Although the site is full of Shutterstock images, there are hundreds available for free download.


#5 FreeImages

A site that boasts they are based in Switzerland. The site has a few places where I couldn’t read the language.. but there are lots of photos to choose from. This site has very little vector images though and no videos. There are also ads all over it for Shutterstock, so don’t be surprised when you see them pop up.

Skydiving Jump Falling-ID9010-640x400


While there are a lot of ways to find cool images for your websites, blog or media avenues… Its always nice to have one extra resource at hand. Some of these sites require that you sign up for an account, but I haven’t got a whole lot of spammy emails yet, so it should be ok.

Always remember to have fun and keep it legal! Good luck and Good hunting!