Online Portfolio Kit | Do You Need One?

Are you still sending people to your LinkedIn page for your Professional Portfolio? Are you handing them a Paper Resume? pexels-photo-70292.jpegBoost your Professional Online Presence & Visibility and get ahead of Industry Today!

Too many people are asking for resumes these days when they should be asking for a Portfolio. Let’s face it, are we interested in where you last worked or are is it what we are really interested in is, WHAT YOU DO.

Online Presence can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. With so many different Social Media Pages, I’m surprised babies don’t get a domain name along with their Social Security Number. But these are the times we live in. I have many particular avenues that I have found work in boosting the online visibility that I really want people to see when they Google my name. I have pages of content that are truly me and what I do, or what I have done. So, why isn’t everyone doing it?

Check out My OPK – “Online Portfolio Kit”

You can put just about anything on this page as well! For instance, You could post a Cover Letter Administrative and a Cover Letter Management. Or Administrative Resume and a Sales Resume. Or, link these documents under a more general Portfolio Class, such as Admin Porthole and a Sales Porthole. Its all up to you.

In one of my earlier blogs, “Job Seekers Beware” we learn that the people in charge of hiring are going online and searching your Facebook page and other media pages to “get to know you” before you ever arrive. So, if they are interested in seeing you online, why not make it easy for them to connect with an actual link to you!

They OPK will Include

  • Industry Career Poise Session
  • Resume Analysis
  • One Resume Build Service
  • Professional Dress
  • Free Practice Interview Session
  • Online Portfolio Build (consists of total of 3 pages, platform in wordpress)

Total Value $270

YOUR COST $69.99

That’s 75% Off!


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You must live within 30 miles of Auburn, CA to get in person training. If you decide you want help anyways, we can meet online through a video chat program. Personal Domain Costs, Extra Page Builds and Video/Audio Services may Incur Extra Charges. Workshop Covers a total of 4 hours of service. Extra time spent will incure billings.