Job Seekers Beware

I walk in early for my interview – I’m about 15 minutes early. The office is unexpectedly small and intimate. The Boss greets me by name before I even have a chance to say anything at all. He leads me to the kitchenette where there is a Keurig Coffee Machine gracing the counter, and says he will be with me in a moment. I make my coffee and head right into his office where we sit around a small round coffee table in big comfy leather chairs. As I settle in and sip my coffee, he says to me, “well, Ms. Corrie Vallance, you have quite the online presence”. All I could think about was, oh no, what did I post on my Facebook today!

I, like most people, tend to separate my Facebook Feed from my Job Interviews. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. I have been told by several interviewers that they peered into my life recently.

“It’s basically the norm to search Google, Facebook and places like Twitter to see get a feel of what kind of person you are about to interview.” says Dan Ridolfi; Owner of Lastrada Partners

Companies are using Social Media to see what kind of person you are “culturally”. But let’s face it, most of us would do a lot more on our Social Media Pages than what we would do in the office! So, where do we draw the line on what to post and what not to while we are job seeking?


Facebook has created an easy way for you to change the “privacy” of each posts individually. It may seem like micromanagement when it comes to changing this setting for each post we make. But it might be smart while you are looking for a job to consider what kind of content you are posting. Though a company can’t judge you on Race, Creed, Color or Gender; they may judge you on your “partying skills” cause you posted about your super hangover this morning on your way to the interview.

I’m not saying post erratically about how wonderful a person you are, but use common sense. Going to the interview with a bad post about it on your wall could bite you without you even knowing it. For example. In the post below, the person says they will “keep their mouth shut at this job”… All I can think about is, what in the world did you say at your last job and is that why you aren’t there anymore?

interview 1

First Impressions are still very active in today’s society and can most indeed hinder your ability to get a good job. If you have to post about a job interview coming up that day, then try to at least show your positive excitement and energy! It’s very easy for people to form an opinion about you before they even meet you with how much information is available through these Social Media Sites. This one made me really wonder. The company has to be thinking, So, you haven’t been an adult until today? I’m not sure we want you to learn with us.

interview 2

Try and look at it from their view. If you post this Minion Meme, the company might decide you’re basically not interested in working early morning shifts. Or, that you will be late often or waste time in the mornings when you first arrive instead of getting to work ready to work.


Think of the tone you are setting and ask yourself, If they ask me to pull up my Facebook so they can look at the last 2 weeks of my life, would I be comfortable with that?