Sore Throat

Vocals are still raw from Friday’s band practice session that lasted till the wee hours of the morning… as I am talking to my ex-husband, he says take more vitamins! “k buddy… not sick just hoarse” I reply.

Getting run down is easy to do when you work 7-16 hour days. As a businesswoman, a mother and singer in a band, there isn’t much room for casual time. Not that I am complaining… I love my hectic schedule. But every few days you got to stop and take a breath.

Stop Running the Rat Race

In today’s world, who isn’t running the rat race? Between juggling the next marathon of getting kids to school who missed the bus, remembering the power bill that is pending shut down, the lyrics to a new song the band wants to play, and rushing to a third missed chiropractic appointment… it all turns to a blur. Most folks offer advice, like you should start a yoga class, a meditation workout, or treat yourself to a day off.

The last time I took a day for myself I woke up realizing I had four tasks people were counting on that I had spaced. Everything turned out ok, but glad I didn’t wake up without the house power on.

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Scheduled time is what I found works best. Setting a play date with your kids, putting date night on the calendar and even some good ole fashioned TV time. Being a business owner can consume your life if you let it. It’s the management of time, appreciation for yourself and respect from your family that will build the longevity you are looking for.

Let’s face it, if you’re running out the door, grabbing an espresso and running into a meditation class out of breath and late… you’re probably not going to reap much benefit from it. Meditation will be the last thing in your mind. Don’t work on being Wonder Man/Woman or even a power house. The focus in any business is longevity. If you build it to last, it can support your life long dreams. If you build it too quickly and without a good foundation, it will fall. The foundation is you! The owner, the operator… you are the driving force in your reality. If you stop driving, who takes the wheel?